I have spent more than a decade and a half refining my art. A lot of time is spent taking photos for the enjoyment of others, in addition to making instruments that I hope give pleasure to the ears. I have never worked for government grants -- every instrument I have ever made was either valuable to someone or I was simply not paid. This is a labour of love. Some have asked if they may show their appreciation, either anonymously or otherwise. Tips are therefore now welcomed via Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ether, are very much appreciated, and go directly to furthering my art. Thank you.

Bitcoin: 3GmFB2QVKNk9NMT8NASWRaWPvbWcmmxLvz

Litecoin: La248qdoSNyLS86rWCBYECW2aQWZNvnPKv

Ether: 0xeCBC5455F2FEa2710AAe8BE050A152aFe142a507