Baroque Guitar

$10,000 USD with case

Condition: New


Design inspiration: guitar, Cristopho Cocho, Italy, 1602

Note: this is not a copy of an original instrument -- this is an original instrument.

Scale length: 667mm


(second high "E" optional)

(second high "E" optional)

Nut width: 49.25mm

Action height @ 8th gut fret: 3.1mm bass, 3.0 mm treble

Finger room: 5mm string-to-spruce, above and below soundhole

Total body length: 915mm, minus endpin

width: 248mm

depth: 98mm, minus bridge

Pegs: 4:1 geared, mechanical, by Chuck Herin

Strings: gut, by Dan Larson, Gamut Music

Parchment rose: Elena dal Cortivo, Italy

Woods: Ebony, Castello, Carpathian spruce, Mahogany (neck), Satine Rubane (decoration)

Neck reinforcement: carbon fiber

Case: white, custom for this instrument, by Bob Kingham


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